Nessun prodotto nel carrello.

Nessun prodotto nel carrello.

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I agree, stating it on a profile may be unhelpful

I agree, stating it on a profile may be unhelpful

Not sure where the confusion lies. They aren’t mutually exclusive statements i.e. there are some nutters around, and some gems.

These women are lamenting the lack of ‘good’ men.And you use it as an example of these women’s ‘baggage levels’. And that one should steer clear etc.

I have a GF on the dating sites at the moment and she’s getting matches or likes or whatever, and then she’ll get no conversation

Both you and the OP (and numerous others) are able to make the observation that there is a lack of ‘good women’ (not getting into the ‘western women’ complaint). I’m guessing such observations are not indicative of baggage levels?

(And how many are ‘plastering’ and ‘whinging’ about it? Or is that just you interpretation of a sentence or two?)

Exactly.I’m not sure why a woman making this observation indicates baggage though? Or how it’s any different to numerous others making the same observation?

But it seems it’s the preferred locality of men who don’t find success IRL hoping that somehow an internet site is going to change their equation for them.

And this is entirely true and is largely proven by the OPs assertion Ta en titt pГҐ nettstedet her that a woman on a dating site is unreasonably demanding for wanting to date an adult they find attractive with employment, shelter, and transport all sorted.

I actually think it’s tough both sides – for females and males. She’s happy to even kick off the conversations, but now has a 2 or 3 question limit.She’ll message them (or they’ll message her), and then she’ll lead in with a question (trying to keep flows of communication open), they’ll generally answer, and then that’s it. So she responds and leads with another question, they’ll again just answer. No flow in communication or interest in trying to keep the communication going, so why even match or like her profile etc. or she just gets the messages ‘ Hi Sexy’, ‘Your hot’ (incorrect ‘your’ always!), do you do anything other than yoga because you have a hot body, etc etc etc. (altro…)