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Yeah, it was just a huge relief, is all I can describe it as

Yeah, it was just a huge relief, is all I can describe it as

MS. WHELAN: Yes, yes. It was just – it was a burden that I thought that I would just carry with me for forever. It seemed like I would never pay it off.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: And just as a person who experiences that kind of thing, in addition to what you do as a professional, I’m sure that that was an added weight that was lifted from you, to let your father know –

MS. PENDLETON: And then to also be able to have that time and space to be able to take care of your mother, who I understand –

MS. PENDLETON: – is ill and then losing your father as well. So, this has opened up some new possibilities for you.

MS. WHELAN: Yes, because I would normally work in the summer just to have some extra money. And now I’m able to –

Kelli Gray, you are the social work services manager at the Philadelphia Department of Human Services. And you work with people who are endangered, who are abused –

MS. PENDLETON: And yet, you have gone through the system – the school system, your daughters as well – everyone getting an education – in order to, once again, further your careers as public servants and work with the people that you work with.

MS. GRAY: Hello, my name is Kelli Monique Gray. I’m a proud public service worker for the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, also known as DHS, looking out for the welfare of children and a proud AFSCME member. That’s the union that I’m in. Descubra mais aqui

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I know that children need an advocate and someone who sees them, and I can recognize what they’re going through when they don’t have a voice

My student debt story is like everybody else’s. I knew I wanted to better li- – I knew I wanted a better life for myself and my two wonderful twin daughters, one of whom, Monique, is here with me today. And I knew education was that path. So, I took a risk and took out debt. I got associate’s, a bachelor’s, a master’s, and I wanted a PhD. But, ultimately, I had to stop taking my PhD classes because I couldn’t afford any more debt. (altro…)