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Additional tips for family members and caretakers

Additional tips for family members and caretakers

Many times, these links or ads take up a large portion of the screen in an effort to get you to accidentally click on them.

Being careful of where your mouse is located, what part of the page you scroll on, or where your fingers are is a start to avoiding accidental clicks. Be intentional with your clicking so you don’t stumble into something unpleasant.

7. Update your security settings

While it may look like only younger generations know what they’re doing when it comes to social media safety, it’s possible for anyone to be security savvy. You’ll want to start by taking a look at your security settings to make sure you aren’t sharing with more people than you’d like.

Setting your account to private and having to approve follow or friend requests is the next step. Also, stopping Facebook tracking can be an extra barrier against targeted ads that may be out to steal your information.

Depending on your goals, you can set your profile to show certain information to certain people. If you’re doing outreach for an organization, but still want to share pics of grandkids or nieces and nephews, you can create groups of trusted friends who see your personal shares. There are plenty of ways to customize your social media experience.

8. Check sources before you share

This tip is all about protecting your good name. You want to make sure you don’t lose credibility with friends and family by being the person who always shares spam or worse.

As we mentioned in the beginning, social media is like the Wild West. Anyone who can access the internet can create a profile or a website and pretend to be an expert.

Whether it’s news, contests, videos, memes, health information, or any other topic, make sure you’re sharing your information from a credible, verified source. (altro…)